Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Christmas Program 2009- Again, Better late than NEVER!

We had another very successful Christmas program this last year! The children always do so well in remembering the songs, the word plays, and the actions. And, they always look so wonderful all dressed up in their pretty dresses and nice outfits. They bring a smile to our faces! We had 100% attendance this year too- we were so excited about that! Thanks parents for making sure your child got to be a part of such a wonderful program that they worked so hard for!

This is the song "Jesus our Brother"- one of the favorites of the kids'. Some even now ask me when it's going to be Christmas again so we can sing that song. I remind them that we can sing songs about Jesus anytime and sometimes- we sing it!

The girls doing their dance with their scarfs. It's fun to see how creative they get when they dance.
These are the boys marching to the March of the Kings song. They LOVE to play the drums.

Here we are doing another word play.

And this is one of MY favorites. I love this song!

We hope you enjoyed the program. I know I did!

Pumpkin Patch 2009 - Better Late than NEVER!

We took the class to the Thomasson Family Farm for the pumpkin patch again this year. This is a tradition for our school. We love it, the kids love it and they talk about going back all the time! We simply just tell them that we have to wait for the pumpkins to grow before we can go back and hope that they like that answer enough to last for a while. This last November, we still had Teacher Dawn working for us! We miss her so much! But, we are so thankful for Teacher Kathy stepping in and helping out! So- picture above shows: Teacher Dawn, Landon H., Alyana C., Callie M., Taylor C., Emily G., Ashlyn G., Shea J., Colton M., Jack W., Jacob M., Cianna H. and Teacher Carolyn. The kids eating their lunches just before leaving. (these pics are in backwards order- sorry!)
The corn pit. Why do the kids love it so???? They have so much fun in there! Crazy kids!
Jacob M. riding his horse like a real cowboy getting ready to lasso him up a fat little cow!
More pics of eating lunches. Caitlin M., Shea J., Landon H., Colton M., Easton K., and Taylor C.
Here we go on our tractor ride sittin' on a bale of hay! This is Caitlin M., Shea J. and Taylor C.
This little photo shows Teacher C., Cianna H., and Ashlyn G.
Here we have the boys- flocked together! Colton M., Easton K., Jacob M., Landon H., and Allison H. (Landon's Mom).
Jacob M. and Callie M.- I couldn't pass up this picture perfect opportunity of these cousins!
Shea J. looking at the rabbits! They were so soft!
Colton M. trying to "feel" the rabbits..... Watch out Colton, they might decide your finger looks like a carrott!
Ashlyn G. sliding down the slide in the Hay Maze.
Alayna C. in the Hay Maze.
Thanks to all the parents who helped out at this field trip. We just couldn't (and most likely wouldn't) do it without you! Hope you have as much fun as we all do!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween Dress up Day!

These pictures are courtesy of Jennifer Hallet from the Friday Dress up day! Thanks for helping Jennifer. The pictures are great!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

So- our first field trip this year was to the Pumpkin Patch on October 12th. We got there nice and early- before the crowds came. We first played in the Hay Maze and bicycles. Then saw the animals and got to pet them. There was miniature ponies, pigs, goats (one was very tempermental!), bunnies, a donkey?? Can't remember- the pictures will tell all! Next we got to go on the Hay ride around the farm, then got ICE CREAM!! YUM! We got to play in their play area next and blow HUGE bubbles, ride wood horses, play in sand and water, milk a pretend cow and all sorts of fun stuff. Then we got to go play in the corn pit. The kids REALLY liked this part. Last but not least, we got to eat our lunches. It was a great day! No rain and not too cold! PERFECT! And all the kids were really good! Thank you to all the parents who came and helped out! We really appreciate all of you! Thanks again and enjoy the pictures!